Volunteer Member Organizer

AFSCME VMONow more than ever, workers are joining the union to win fairness, respect and a voice on the job.

As a Volunteer Member Organizer (VMO) you can help your fellow public service workers protect their rights and build a real future for their families.

Volunteer Member Organizers (VMOs) are vital to our union’s organizing and “fight back” efforts.

Growing the Union » Trainees in Madison, Wis. At the 2011 AFSCME Women’s Conference, seven members became champions of their fellow workers through a special training program, as Volunteer Member Organizers. These organizers help grow the union and are an integral part of AFSCME’s efforts to build a powerful voice for working people. They learned one-on-one skills that will help them better connect their struggles with those of their fellow workers. Read more »

VMOs Inspire, Lead and Encourage through the organizing techniques they learn at AFSCME trainings and through direct practice in partnership with an experienced organizer.

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Become a VMO!

For further information, please contact the AFSCME Organizing department at (202) 429-1260.