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AFSCME Retirees: Dave Jacobsen

In Florida, AFSCME Retiree Dave Jacobsen tells his fellow members that staying politically active is the key to success.

Pete Levine |

AFSCME Retirees: Beverly Sample

AFSCME Retiree Beverly Sample comes from a strong New Jersey union family. Even in retirement, her family’s legacy of union activism shows no signs of fading.

Pete Levine |

AFSCME Retirees: Sonia Moseley

AFSCME Retiree Sonia Moseley has been in the vanguard of the fight to give nurses a voice on the job.

Pete Levine |

Honoring the Past, Fighting for the Future

AFSCME Retirees are a big factor in our union’s growth agenda. Their message to working members is clear: “We need to keep fighting for what previous generations have won.”

Pete Levine |

AFSCME Retirees: Jeff Birttnen

AFSCME Retiree Council Chair Jeff Birttnen reveals the core belief uniting all AFSCME Retirees.

Pete Levine |

AFSCME Retirees: Ruth Walker

Stories of hostility to workers have haunted — and motivated — HGEA Retiree Ruth Walker.

Pete Levine |

AFSCME Retirees: Mary Cannon-James

Having witnessed the birth and death of collective bargaining in Iowa, Retiree Mary Cannon-James shares important lessons for working AFSCME members.

Pete Levine |

AFSCME Women: Motivated, Mobilized and Leading the Way

We organize for rights and respect, and in 2020 we will organize to make sure people in public service have a say in the elections.

Pablo Ros |

A Voice on the Job in Behavioral Health

More people are seeking behavioral health services, but the workers aren’t getting the respect they deserve. Our multimedia project shows how you can change that.

AFSCME: The Union for EMS Workers

EMS is one of the most dangerous professions in the country. Unfortunately, the EMTs and paramedics who put their lives on the line every day are up against a broken system.

Union Popularity on the Rise

More Americans support standing together in unions as the economy increasingly benefits the wealthy and powerful.

Sounds Like AFSCME

Listen to the sounds of AFSCME members at work – and identify the work they do for their communities.

Scam Alert: State Policy Network

You could become the target of a scam to trick you into quitting your union. Don’t fall for it.

The Racist Roots of Right to Work

Proponents of so-called “right to work” often use lofty language to sell their agenda, but the truth behind right to work is much uglier. It was started in the Jim Crow South of the 1940s by a self-described white supremacist.

Pablo Ros |

Memories of Memphis

An AFSCME member who participated in the 1968 Memphis, Tennessee, sanitation workers’ strike vividly recalls the events of that seminal moment in our nation’s history.

AFSCME: This Is Us

How well do you know your union? Here’s a primer for would-be members, new members and even veteran AFSCME members.

Why Janus v. AFSCME is a Threat to All Working People

Pres. Lee Saunders explains why the Janus v. AFSCME case is a big threat to public service workers.

Lee Saunders |

Young AFSCME Activists Meet New Challenges

Young activists are urged to reconnect with AFSCME’s Next Wave program, which has a new look.

Pablo Ros |

Slashing Medicaid Would Devastate In-Home Care Patients and Providers

For 5 million Americans who receive home care and for the AFSCME members who provide that vital service, cuts and caps to Medicaid would have devastating consequences.

Omar Tewfik |

The AFSCME Difference: How Thousands of Workers Are Finding Their Voice

At a time of growing economic and political uncertainty, thousands of public service workers across the country are joining with AFSCME to gain a voice.

Pablo Ros |
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